Meet the team

The industry’s brightest.

An ecosystem for undervalued real estate, Level One Holdings is simultaneously investor, developer, contractor, owner, and operator. Throughout our history, we have attracted the industry’s brightest who have a profound understanding of the choices and timing that drive a successful investment. The more we continue to grow, the more we challenge ourselves to higher levels of individual and collective performance. Our environment is dynamic, our resources thoughtful and effective, and our competitive and technological edge advances every year.


Robert Loheit brings a 20+ years of real estate experience, a shared commitment to innovative living and a deep appreciation for all things Real Estate to Level One Holdings.

Robert Loheit


A veteran across all real estate asset classes, Robert personifies Level One’s conservative yet aggressive approach to investment with charm.  A prodigy of success, Robert creates mutually gratifying joint ventures and oversees day to day operations and financials including property management. Active hands-on and a driving force to the acquisition team, he loves nothing more than to create value for all: residents communities partners and investors.

Katherine Palomino

Project Manager

Katherine Palomino-Simon, who has over 15 years of New York City building experience, managers project construction activities from conception to competion for LOH projects in all locations. Prior to joining LOH, Katherine worked for Brack Capital as Project Manager. During her 8 year tenure, she was responsible for overseeing the development of multiple hospitality and residential projects in parallel, bringing them to completion on time and on budget.

Recent projects include Indigo Hotel, Greystone Hotel, and 152 Union Square West — NYC hottest new luxury development.

Katherine studied architecture in Lima, Peru. She earned a degree in Architecture and is certified by New York University in Real Estate Development.

Yoram Finkelstein

Director of Construction

Yoram brings with him 30+ years of collective real estate development and construction management, providing services for subcontractors, general contractors, construction managers, and developers throughout the duration of the planning and completion of the projects. He held positions as field superintendent, project engineer, project manager, and director of construction.

Recent projects include Vivienne Westwood’s NYC Boutique, and multiple complexes in NY Metro area.

Yoram earned degrees in Architecture, Construction Management, and Real Estate Development from New York University. He has a passion for photography, graduating from Germain School of Photography.