In the city’s vast landscape sit rare and exquisite gems. Raw land, distressed buildings, and other properties: undervalued and exuding potential.

Level One Holdings transforms underutilized assets into unique commercial and residential spaces that enhance, and support, local neighborhoods. With over two decades of experience in real estate ownership, development, and operations, our principals marry potential profits with opportunities that enrich and elevate the surrounding communities.

The resulting properties feature quality construction and superior materials, but while encompassing leading technologies in energy efficiency and sustainability. Furthermore, many of our projects incorporate affordable rental apartments. We also collaborate directly with community organizations, helping provide the space and income they need to effectively serve neighborhood residents.

At Level One Holdings, our innovative approach to development improves quality of life for community members, while ensuring low-risk, high-return investments for stakeholders.




Since 2008, founder Robert Loheit has energized and revitalized New York City neighborhoods through Level One Holdings. He started by renovating small multi-family buildings. His ability to identify the hidden potential in these undervalued properties—combined with a commitment to quality and community—has produced a proven track record of success that spans 200+ transactions and more than 1 million square feet.

Today Level One Holdings employs a diverse team of construction and real estate professionals and offers a full spectrum of services, from investment and acquisition to ground-up design, development, and construction to leasing and asset management. Their portfolio currently includes 28 buildings and exceeds $150 million.